cover_2013_marIt’s been 12 years since we published the very first printed copy of BN5 magazine and delivered it, via Royal Mail, to every postcode in the BN5 area.

Our aim has always been to inform and to help our local community. From the very first magazines we have slowly built up a readership and a reputation for good quality editorial, interesting news and extensive events listings. For us it’s always been about quality (not just quantity) and now we are inundated each month with editorial contributions, which is the way we like it.

We are a community magazine and the contributions from local people are what make us uniquely Henfield. We’re extremely proud to say that we’re the first place to look for the latest local news and events as well as tradespeople. We champion local businesses and people know that they can trust the businesses and tradespeople they find in BN5.

We love a good story – there’s nothing better than finding out something interesting to share with others. We’ve interviewed many inspiring people about their lives, travels and passions. We’ve talked to artists, fundraisers, sportspeople, musicians, politicians, war veterans, Olympians, authors, as well as ‘regular’ villagers with great stories to tell. Quite simply there has never been a dull moment.

cover_2010_octIn 2010 we launched a sister publication to BN5 – thirteen8 magazine – which covers the Partridge Green and Cowfold area, plus all the surrounding villages and hamlets out to Coolham and Dial Post. Our popular Facebook page has been up and running for a while now and it’s been a fabulously successful way for us to share more immediate news, fun and events with you and vice-versa.

And now we have the website. It’s pretty much an on-line version of BN5: colourful, easy to navigate and interesting. We’ve kept it simple, but what it lacks in complexity it makes up for in depth. Our Business Directory has over 600 local businesses listed, and the list is growing. You will find an easy search facility and plenty of useful information. Our news items are updated on an almost daily basis so you’ll never be short of a good read.

We’re very excited about this website, it’s had several versions that haven’t passed muster but finally we feel confident that it represents us well and will represent Henfield and the surrounding area well. We can now be immediate with news and information: every time you look there will be something different – a true reflection of our vibrant, interesting and ever-changing village.