Movement Marathon

Movement Marathon, Saturday 12th September

Have you missed your exercise classes and the gym during lockdown and can’t wait to get back in shape? Or have you tried some of the fantastic Zoom classes our local fitness instructors have been organising as a way to stay in touch and keep their clients fit and healthy?

If you’re a fitness fanatic or completely new to classes, the online Movement Marathon via Zoom on Saturday 12thSeptember, set up by Emma and Liz Marks, is a great way of experiencing some hour-long classes led by twelve of our local professional instructors, with the added bonus that every penny in entry fees will go to the Save our Haven campaign!

Emma said: “We have been teaching in the village for 15 years now and a large number of our clients have been involved with the Haven, volunteering, enjoying their lovely café with some families using the fantastic respite services they provide for people with Dementia. When lockdown happened in March, both Liz and I were bowled over by the community spirit within Henfield, and along with so many others in the village, we were devastated when we heard that the Haven had lost their funding.

“Setting up the Movement Marathon was a no brainer for us; an ideal way of bringing together Henfield’s movement teachers and fitness professionals to fundraise, collaborate, and do our bit to Save the Henfield Haven. It is a very timely opportunity to encourage the community to get moving and get healthy, at a time when our physical and mental wellbeing has never been so important.”

It’s easy to get involved, just follow these three steps:

  1. Pick your class (or classes – you can attend as many as you like, in fact there’s a bottle of Champagne donated by BN5 for the person who completes the most!)
  2. Contact your teacher, or Emma at Pilates Evolved, to book your place. Please let your teacher know of any injuries or weaknesses beforehand.
  3. Donate £10 per class and fundraise with us via our JustGiving page: 

Once you’ve booked your place, you will be sent a confirmation with the Zoom link and login details. All you need is a device, the internet, and your body!

All classes take place on Saturday, 12th September 2020.


BN5 Magazine will donate a bottle of champagne to the person who completes the most fitness classes in the Movement Marathon. In the event of a tie, the winner will be the first name drawn and will be announced in the next edition of BN5 magazine.

TIME: 7am

TEACHER: Matt Chard, Get Fit Trainer

CLASS: Functional Fitness

The session will involve high intensity exercises that can be completed at a high or low impact. Body weight exercises will focus on building strength and stability with some abdominal work to keep your core strong. Come and give it a try if you’re looking to try a new cardio and resistance-based programme.

ABOUT MATT: I’ve been the Henfield Get fit trainer for the last 7 years! My training has been hugely varied for my clients of all ages making sure that everyone can reach their goals. It’s difficult to find the right way to exercise for you if you’ve found it hard in the past, we’re all different and all need a personal touch to make sure we are exercising correctly and efficiently. I usually work from my studio in Henfield high street, Henfield common and home visits.

CONTACT: 07808 665853

TIME: 8am

TEACHER: Emma Marks, Pilates Evolved

CLASS: Pilates ‘Rise and Shine’ for flexibility

Wake up well with this flowing and flexibility-focused Pilates class, where we focus on creating ease of movement and improved range of motion across common areas of stiffness. New and familiar faces, of all levels, welcome.

ABOUT EMMA: Pilates Evolved is an established, family run business that has looked after happy clients in Henfield for 15 years. We are well known in the village for teaching Pilates with passion, we simply love teaching movement and sharing the life-changing benefits of Pilates, with everyone who comes to our classes.

CONTACT: 07766 077612

TIME: 9am

TEACHER: Emma Marks, Pilates Evolved

CLASS: High Intensity Power Pilates

HIP Pilates combines the precision and flow of Pilates mat-work, with cardio and hand weights to reach a highly effective cardiovascular workout (water bottles are a great alternative if you don’t have weights at home!) Expect a challenging and dynamic session that leaves you feeling energised. New and familiar faces welcome, without injuries.

CONTACT: 07766 077612

TIME: 10am

TEACHER: Kristina Banner, Yoga Teacher

CLASS: Beginners Chair Yoga

It can be difficult to find space in our homes for yoga, so for this Zoom Yoga class I am offering you a CHAIR option, so no excuses for anybody not trying something to help ease aches and pains from too much sitting! We will pay attention to how we move and breathe, to create greater mindfulness of what we are feeling in our body, mind and emotions. Flexing, extending, turning and side bending from toes to heads; the hour will end with a relaxation exercise.

ABOUT KRISTINA: I am an experienced Yoga Teacher and Massage and Reflexology Practitioner with passion for creating balance, harmony and wellbeing.  After 20 years of competitive running and triathlon it was time for me to find a practice to restore balance in my being. I discovered Yoga and fell in love with it. Yoga is not an exercise but rather a journey of self-discovery; learning to live with comfort and ease in our inner and outer worlds.

CONTACT: 07796 345679

TIME: 11am

TEACHER: Sammy Bremner, Next Level PT

CLASS: Legs, Bums and Tums workout

This full body aerobic workout aims to tone up those flabby areas of your thighs, bum and stomach, great for those who want to lose weight or even for those who simply want to improve their fitness levels. The session is for all fitness abilities, but you must be comfortable laying down and being on your knees as some of this workout requires those positions. A great fun workout, come and join me!

ABOUT SAMMY: I’ve been a fitness instructor for 8 years, during this time I’ve had brilliant fun teaching classes such as spin, Body Pump and HIIT to name a few. I’ve also personally trained many clients. This part of my job is so rewarding; seeing people not just change in size and shape but become more confident and happier with themselves. I have two passions in life, fitness and helping people reach their goals. There’s nothing more rewarding!

CONTACT: 07802 570533

TIME: 12pm

TEACHER: Angie Cridland, Holistic Angel

CLASS: Yoga Flow

You will be safely guided through a sequence of poses which will stretch, strengthen and tone the whole body. A combination of Vinyasa Yoga – flowing from one pose to another to the rhythm of your breath and music. Hatha Yoga – holding each pose for three to five breaths and closing with meditation. This class is open to all abilities, offering modifications to suit your ability, but be prepared to have the body and mind challenged!

ABOUT ANGIE: Angie’s yoga journey began 20 years ago when she discovered Hot Yoga. During her second pregnancy, she found a spiritual bond through practicing yoga. She continued practice through Ashtanga and Vinyasa flow for many years. Moving into teaching yoga felt like a natural progression, complementing her career as a holistic therapist specialising in Sports Massage, Aromatherapy and Reflexology. Gaining a deeper understanding of the philosophy has enhanced her own life and she loves to share this understanding with others.

CONTACT: 07786 165008

TIME: 1pm

TEACHER: Liz Marks, Pilates Evolved

CLASS: Pilates for Strength

Traditional, core focused Pilates repertoire, combined with functional work in standing to develop whole body strength, and control. New and familiar faces, of all levels, welcome. Perfect for those who walk, garden, run, or play sport.

CONTACT: 07766 077612

TIME: 2pm

TEACHER: Neha Hampton

CLASS: Vinyasa Yoga

Integral Vinyasa is a gentle flow class perfect for beginners & intermediates focussed on building strength and mobility. During the class we will explore using our breath to bring calm and clarity, building strength through slower movements and learning to engage our muscles whilst improving flexibility to increase your range of motion. I look forward to seeing you on the mat.

ABOUT NEHA: I spent the majority of my adult life ‘making a living’ and in 2018 I took the plunge to make a life doing the things that I love. I have a passion for food, yoga and travel and combining these things allows me to indulge, to nurture, to bring joy & to care… Living well isn’t about rules or boundaries. For me, it’s about equilibrium, it’s about finding your own balance.


TIME: 3pm

TEACHER: Aaron Le Flay

CLASS: Bodyweight Metcon

Join me me for a Bodyweight Metcon class – no kit required, all abilities welcome! We’ll do some strength and endurance work and hit all the major muscle groups (and most of the minor ones too) before a big final test of your fitness!

ABOUT AARON: I am a passionate health and fitness coach – I believe in quality nutrition and quality movement, and I coach people every day towards better wellbeing. My health and fitness journey started 10 years ago, beginning with my own struggles of poor health and being overweight. Since then I have gained qualifications and experience in Personal Training, Fitness Coaching, Strength and Conditioning and Nutrition Coaching in my efforts to increase the health and wellbeing of as many people as I can. Healthy people have a better chance of being happy people, and the world needs happy people!

CONTACT: 07554 435 034

TIME: 4pm

TEACHER: Mandi Lines, Aspirations School of Dance

CLASS: Adult Ballet Class

Learning ballet as an adult is a rewarding journey and is something that can be enjoyed by all. Ballet is not discriminatory; it can be danced by anyone at any age. Your zoom class will take you through some basic barre work, stretches, centre practice and a cooldown. You will need a chair or something to hold onto to undertake the barre work and socks or bare feet for the class itself. Be prepared to stretch yourself both mentally and physically, whilst you work at your own pace within each exercise.

ABOUT MANDI: Mandi Lines runs Aspirations School of Dance from her bespoke studio on Henfield High Street. Classes for children from 5 years in Russian Ballet (Vaganova technique), Tap, Dance Technique, LAMDA and Musical Theatre are run Mon-Sat. The school also offers adult & pre-school classes.

CONTACT: 07525 097849

TIME: 5pm

TEACHER: Ellie Barnhurst, Henfield Leisure Centre

CLASS: Supple Strength

A perfect supplement to your daily exercise. Supple Strength blends elements of yoga, Pilates and stretching to create a challenging workout. Targeting improvements in flexibility and posture, the variations offered throughout ensure that this class is suitable for all levels.

ABOUT ELLIE: I’m a Personal Trainer/Fitness Instructor working at Henfield Leisure Centre. Working with our clients and members at HLC every day, seeing everyone enjoy fitness together and progress within their own personal goals is why I love my job so much. I am a level 2 Fitness instructor & level 3 Personal Trainer. I am also qualified to instruct spin, gym-based boxing, circuits, HIIT, ((BOUNCE)) and supple strength. In 2019, I achieved two 1st place titles at the Midlands Bodybuilding Championships and went on to win 2nd in the junior category and 5th in the women’s category at the British Championships in the Bikini Fitness Category.

CONTACT: 01273 494984

TIME: 6pm

TEACHER: Caroline Rowley, Henfield Holistics

CLASS: Introduction to Massage (half-hour class)

Join me and learn some relaxing, soothing massage techniques to practise on your partner or family. We will spend 30 minutes learning some moves that will help destress and defrazzle! All you need is a willing body to practise on, a hand towel, a bath towel and some sort of oil such as almond, sunflower or olive oil.

ABOUT CAROLINE: Caroline has been a complementary therapist for 15 years and is passionate about helping people to achieve good health. She first learnt reflexology in Brighton and has since completed a course in Reflexology for Women’s Health. Caroline added Holistic Massage to her skill set and uses a variety of techniques including Deep Tissue and Trigger Point Therapy. She works from a tranquil log cabin in Henfield.

CONTACT: 07879 330826

TIME: 6.30pm

TEACHER: Angie Cridland, Holistic Angel

CLASS: Yoga Nidra Meditation (half-hour class)

30 minutes Yoga Nidra Meditation from Angie Cridland.

CONTACT: 07786 165008

TIME: 7pm

TEACHER: Elizabeth Ross Talbot

CLASS: Introduction to Reflexology

A Taster session on how reflexology can help to improve your wellbeing. It is a good idea to tune in with a partner for this mini reflexology session. Elizabeth will be giving a short demonstration of how to work over some the key reflexes on the hands that can help to improve our immune system. You can then either join in with a partner as she guides you working over the hands or you can work on your own hands, but it’s much nicer to give and receive the mini treatment with a friend. You will need a pillow/two hand towels/massage oil/ a partner (optional but preferable) for this session.

ABOUT ELIZABETH: I am a qualified ITEC Reflexologist, Holistic Massage and Neutral Space Relaxation practitioner running my own successful private practice in Henfield Medical Centre. Inspiring others in their wellbeing is a passion and I have been working with students at the Wilbury School for many years helping them to become successful practitioners.

CONTACT: 07795 101881

TIME: 8pm


CLASS: Delicious Relaxation Experience

The quality of our breath and how we use it impacts the quality of our life, health and how we feel. We’ll practice simple techniques to help you relax, feel calm and stress free and relax into a restorative sleep. No experience needed. Suitable for all. Bring a blanket.

ABOUT ZOE: I’m a Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Teacher, Health and Wellness Coach and founder of The Practice of Wellbeing. I love helping people make the most of their one precious life by sharing simple tips to optimise lifestyle choices so they can feel good!

CONTACT: 07785 774 149