Henfield’s Draft Neighbourhood Plan: What are your views?

Dear Residents,

At last we have some news for you regarding the HNP (Henfield Neighbourhood Plan). After significant delay we were able to produce a draft Pre-Submission plan which we sent to HDC on the 29th of March for a ‘Health Check’. As the delay had arisen at Horsham they offered to waive the Health Check but my colleagues and I felt that for the best chance of the plan proceeding without challenge was to subject it to scrutiny at this stage. That part of the process took seven weeks and comments were provided  to us on the 17th of May. We have assessed these comments and have finalised our Pre- Submission Plan which is now out for consultation throughout the Designated Plan Area, which in this case is the whole of Henfield Parish including that part of Small Dole that falls within the Parish.

Ideally I would have liked to have told you this news a month earlier but as the programme was reliant on other parties, this could not be done with certainty.

A good deal of the evidence base that underpins our plan, including the six Focus Group Reports, The State of the Parish Report, The Revised Parish Design Statement, the Sustainability Appraisal/Strategic Environmental Assessment, the AECOM Housing Needs Assessment, the Site Assessment Report and the report of the Site Assessment Open Days has been made available  electronically on the Hub the Parish Council, BN5 and Horsham District Council websites. Hard copies of the plan will be available for examination, but not for removal, at the Parish Office, the Library, the Medical Centre and other venues in Henfield and Small Dole which is advertised on posters around the villages, please look out for them.  A summary of the plan will also be available for people at these venues and at for people to take away.  A response form will be available in both electronic form and hard copy. Please take the opportunity to respond to the consultation, which goes on from the 7thof June until the 26thof July, as it is your plan. (Please note extension to deadline date published in July BN5.)

Download the Draft Henfield Neighbourhood Plan here

Download the Draft Henfield Neighbourhood Plan Response Form here

Once again I would like to thank, for all their dedicated hard work, all those parties who have contributed to the vast amount of work necessary for the plan to reach this important stage.

Ray Osgood.

Chairman Henfield Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group.

Supporting Documents:

Sustainability Appraisal (SA/SEA)

Non-Technical Summary (SA/SEA)

Focus Group Reports

Site Assessment Report

State of Parish Report

AECOM’s Housing Needs Assessment

Draft Henfield Neighbourhood Plan SUMMARY document

Henfield Parish Design Statement 2019

Henfield Conservation Area Appraisal and Management Plan