Henfield Easter Bunny Trail

Download the entry form here: Bunny Trail Entry Form

There are lots of gorgeous little Jellycat Easter bunnies who have hopped their way into various windows in and around Henfield High Street – can you help us find them all before they get up to all sorts of Easter mischief?

These cheeky Henfield Bunnies each have a name tag and you will find them hiding in the windows of the participating shops and businesses up and down the Henfield High Street from Friday 19th  March 2021 until after the Easter weekend.

All you have to do is find the name of each Henfield Bunny and write it down in the correct space of the Easter Bunny Trail entry form, printed overleaf. Parents, grandparents or carers can help younger children with this activity.

Once you have found the names of all the mischievous Henfield Bunnies, add your contact details and post your completed form through the letterbox of BN5 Magazine (First Floor, Jasmine House, High Street BN5 9HN – the doorway next to Jasmine’s Florist entrance) by Midday on Friday 9th April 2021. The winner will be the first correct entry drawn out of a hat after this date and will receive a gorgeous giant Jellycat bunny as a prize! There will also be some ‘runner up’ prizes of some of the display bunnies.

Thanks to all the High Street businesses for their Easter Bunny displays and for participating.

The story of the Easter bunny

Rabbits usually give birth to a big litter of babies (called kittens), so they have become a symbol of new life. Legend has it that the Easter Bunny lays, decorates and hides eggs, as they are also a symbol of new life. This is why some children might enjoy Easter egg hunts as part of the festival and why the Easter bunny is responsible for delivering chocolate eggs and sweets.

In other countries, the Easter traditions are different: in Switzerland Easter eggs are delivered by a cuckoo, in Germany they’re delivered by a fox or a rooster and in Australia they’re delivered by a bilby (an endangered native animal). In France Easter eggs are not delivered by an animal but by church bells instead!


Reassurances…. Please be safe! At the time of going to print, Covid-19 restrictions are still in place. If you plan to spot the bunnies, please keep your distance and wear masks if the High Street is busy. All bunnies will be displayed in shop windows so you will not have to enter premises to complete the Trail.  Please be aware that this is not an organised event and we are not encouraging gatherings or the breach of any Covid-19 restrictions. No bunnies were harmed in the making of this trail.