Henfield Animal Safari

The Henfield Animal Safari is here, with all manner of creatures, real and imaginary, waiting to be found in gardens and windows all around the village!

This fun Safari Trail for children is set up in three gentle (little-leg friendly) loops, so you can keep children entertained spotting the beautifully crafted creatures in windows and gardens, high street shops and on safe routes where there aren’t too many roads to cross. Each trail will include an easy quiz for you to complete while you search for the animals.

You can download the maps from www.henfieldcp.net or by visiting the Henfield Animal Safari Facebook page, or collect a form from Christina’s Afternoon Tea Shop in Henfield High Street.

The Henfield Community Partnership have brought together lots of local groups and individuals over the last three months. They’ve all been busy crafting, knitting, painting, crocheting, felting, stitching and papier-maché-ing to make these wild and wonderful creatures. They’re absolutely delightful and will certainly bring a smile to your face!

There are more than 100 creatures, some you’ll recognise and some are wonderfully inventive. A huge thank you to the crafters from the Ladybirds, Upper Mead and Red Oaks care homes, the Henfield Shedders and the host of individuals who have participated with such enthusiasm. We would also like to give a special thank you to the Ladybirds for setting up some of the High Street displays.  

Let us know which is your favourite! Some will be on sale (you can make a donation offer on the quiz form and the creature will be ‘won’ by the highest bidder) with all money raised going to the Henfield Haven and MacMillan Cancer Support.

After the event finishes on 20 June, some brave and intrepid Community Partnership members will be venturing into the village clutching binoculars and butterfly nets, ready to capture the creatures. On Saturday 26th, a family friendly morning is planned in the Free Church Hall hosted by the Free Church and Ladybirds. The animals will be on display for children to see and those not already sold will be available to buy.  

Organisers Sue Willis from Henfield Community Partnership and Tamsin Gibbs from St Peter’s PTA have been encouraged by the enthusiasm for the project from local crafters. Sue said: “It’s been lovely to see the community support, it’s been a shared lockdown project and we’ve been thrilled to see how local crafters have taken the idea and allowed their imaginations to run wild!”

Children will be invited to colour in an Elmer the Elephant (sheets supplied by Henfield Library) and these will also be on display in the Free Church Hall. 

Completed Quiz and Colouring Sheets should be returned to Christina’s Afternoon Tea Shop in Henfield High Street please, by 20th June, children who complete the quiz and Safari will receive a small treat. 

This event is organised by Henfield Community Partnership and is Covid-safe with all creatures visible from the pavements. Please keep your distance and stay safe, especially when crossing roads. 

Emma Osman