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Twineham and Wineham Cricket Club

Twineham and Wineham Cricket Club

Location: Twineham Cricket Ground
Date & Time: Sundays late spring to early autumn at Afternoon
Contact: Richard Brock (Captain)

Twineham Cricket Ground
Church Lane

RH17 5NR

01403 253083

The small but perfectly formed Twineham and Wineham Cricket Club play friendly but nonetheless competitive cricket, both at home and away, from late Spring to early Autumn. TWCC are celebrating, this year, their 125th anniversary – the two neighbouring villages having buried the hatchet in 1893. In keeping with the ancient traditions of village cricket our standard of play varies; on our day we can be truly mesmerising, but we are also capable of playing quite well.

TWCC is always on the lookout for new members, and if anyone reading this is tempted to join in then please have a look at our website, and if this doesn’t put you off do get in touch.