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Shipley Bowmen Archery Club

Shipley Bowmen Archery Club

Date & Time: Sundays & Wednesdays at Various
Contact: Phil Baxter (Chairman & Secretary)

Several Venues

Archery Club open to all.  The only restriction we place on membership is a lower age limit of 7 and children aged 7 to 14 must have a responsible adult accompanying them. Archery is one of the few sports that is completely open to virtually everyone, on equal terms, other than those with severe visual impairment. Archers are a friendly bunch, and our very nervous novice competitors have been made very welcome at all the events they have attended. However, we are not just a competitive Club, we have members who enjoy archery for the sheer pleasure they get from the sport, and our Club Evenings are social and enjoyable.

We are not recruiting Members or training beginners at the moment because we haven’t the resources – and we are having to move our outdoor venue this (2019) season.