Clubs and Groups



Location: Garden Room, Henfield Hall
Date & Time: 1st Friday of the month at 10am-12pm
Contact: Emma

Garden Room
Henfield Hall
Coopers Way


01273 965926

The Ladybirds encourage friendship and share activities, have fun and laughter whilst raising funds for the local villages. We already have an active Book Club, Crafting Group, Walking and Games & Quiz Group, and we anticipate arranging monthly outings and much much more.

2019 Programme 

4th January  Introductory meeting

1st February  Shockingly Simple – CPR and AEDs with Dave Fletcher

1st March  “Women Warriors” – Famous women who disguised themselves as men to have military careers. A talk with Louise Peskett

5th April – Fabric printing workshop

3rd May – A talk on Wakehurst Place Gardens with Paul Reader

7th June –  A talk on Kent, Surrey and Sussex Air Ambulance Service

5th July – A talk on Hearing Dogs for Deaf People with Sue and Iain Robertson and Jasmine

2nd August – Summer Party and Outdoor Games

6th September – Paper flower arranging workshop

4th October – A talk on Digital Banking: Fraud and Scamming, presented by Jacob West

1st November – English Traditional Songs, talk and workshop