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Henfield Repair Cafe

Henfield Repair Cafe

Henfield Haven


A Repair Café, where we can actively contribute to a more sustainable village, where you can find a place to repair  wanted and cherished items and where repair knowledge is passed on and valuable raw materials are not discarded as waste.

The Henfield Haven will be the location for our own Henfield Repair and Sustainability Café . Members of SH2030 are currently working towards getting everything ready for the opening day on 13 April 2020 between 10am and 12pm, and then once a month.  Watch local announcements for more details, with future times and dates. We are hoping to offer clothing repairs, computer repairs, electrical and mechanical repairs, wood and furniture repairs and more. As well as getting items repaired, we are planning to have coffee, tea and cakes on sale and offer support with carbon reduction, and advice on sustainability issues such as greener gardening.

We cannot promise that we will be able to successfully repair every item brought to us and we will not be able to provide guarantees but we will do our best. Remember we are all volunteers trying to do something locally about climate change.

We would really like to hear from you if you want to help either by becoming a volunteer or as a repairer. In particular, as it is likely that electrical repairs will be the most common, if you or someone you know has electrical skills, then please get in touch with us at Otherwise, we hope you will support us by popping in to the Henfield Repair and Sustainability Café once we are open. We look forward to seeing you then.