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Henfield Museum

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01273 493155

Henfield Museum is full of items of local interest, please pay us a visit. We have copies of the Henfield, Shermanbury and Woodmancote census records, churchyard memorial inscriptions and Shermanbury archives, which can be viewed without prior appointment. The Museum staff are committed to providing a good customer service, and will do what they can to make your visit to the Museum both enjoyable and rewarding.

The museum is run totally by volunteers. If you can spare a couple of hours a month, we have vacancies for volunteers to help out in the museum. For further details please contact Alan Barwick on 01273 493155 or see him in the museum on Wednesday afternoons.

For details of how to become a friend of the musuem, see Friends of Henfield Museum.

For details of our opening times and further information see our website.

You can view  a photographic journey through our Sussex village which has over 1000 photographs of Henfield parish and the surrounding countryside, from the late 19th century to the present day.

Temporary Exhibition from 1st June to the 2nd September 2022.

The Henfield Museum presents their temporary Jubilee exhibition from 1st June to the 2nd September 2022. The exhibit contains a selection of photographs taken in Henfield covering the 1953 Coronation Carnival and the Jubilee events of 1977, 2002 and 2012.

“Henfield at War” – DVD for sale

Now on sale at Henfield Museum priced at £7 is the DVD “Henfield at War”, with a run time of 117 minutes, written by Graham duHeaume, and narrated by Toby Sharp. The DVD starts by painting a picture of Henfield on the lead up to the war, and then covers the war as it affected the village and also the country in general. It includes photographs etc. from the museum archives, and oral history recordings of people’s wartime memories.

Book Release & Henfield Museum Display (till end of the year) – The Heritage of Horsham District in 100 Objects

As part of the Horsham District Heritage Forum, Henfield Museum & Friends have been involved in preparing for this major exhibition.  The exhibition uses objects to explore the fascinating and often little known heritage of the District.

For Henfield’s part, how many knew that the museum’s one off musical instrument – the Change eight-bell set – is recognised as nationally significant? Or that the Union flag used at St. Peter’s Church each Remembrance Day was that used to drape over one of four ‘Unknown Warrior’ coffins, ready for the selected one to be interred at Westminster Abbey? Or that the guestbook of Backsettown, residence of famed local actress, writer and suffragist Elizabeth Robins, shows that the writer H.G. Wells and leading suffragettes Emmeline Pethick Lawrence, Mabel Tuke and Christabel Pankhurst all met there with Robins on one notable day in May of 1909? Or that Henfield’s famous violets were exported worldwide and gifted to Queens?

The book is now on sale at Henfield Museum priced £19.99, and would make an ideal Christmas present! A large perfect binding of 286 pages and richly illustrated with over 230 illustrations, the themed chapters are written by Horsham Museum Curator Jeremy Knight. The stories of many of the objects were contributed by heritage organisations across the district, including a number from Henfield.

In support, we have a new display in place at Henfield Museum until the end of the year showing some of these objects; from prehistoric man and his tools to the fight for suffrage (some from the recent exhibition at Horsham). As a continuation of this project, look out for labels that will appear on other ‘objects’ around the village, telling a range of diverse stories and hopefully inviting people to muse on the stories told by the objects all around us.


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