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Creating beautiful kitchens for the heart of your home

For most modern families the kitchen is the centre of the home – it’s where the family meet, meals are created, tea and sympathy administered and coffee, cake and a natter with a friend takes place. Creating a functional, practical and beautiful kitchen must be at the top of the agenda for anyone renovating or building their dream home.

That’s where Paul Beadle from Adlam & Beadle can help. Paul has made bespoke kitchens from the finest materials for as long as he can remember, using American hardwoods, English oiled elm and American white oak, to name a few. His work is about as far from mass-produced kit-kitchen as you can get, they are beautiful examples of functional design that are pleasurable to use time after time. After all, how many times a day do you open a kitchen cupboard, or roll open a drawer? The aim of Paul’s work is to make a practical experience pleasurable.

Paul has lived in Henfield since 1995 when he moved with his family from Horsham. His work takes him across Sussex and Surrey, although Adlam & Beadle are a small company they are firmly established with a reputation that has spread word of mouth. “I’ll often complete a kitchen and within a week or so my phone will light up with enquiries from friends of the person whose kitchen we’ve just finished. I think they appreciate the personal service and the fact that they always know who will be in their home, we’re not a faceless company but a small team who work really hard to get it 100% right.”

Paul constructs mainly framed kitchens, each is built from the frame upwards to accommodate the needs of the user. The design process is comprehensive – Paul finds out how the owners plan to use the kitchen, if they love to cook, or have a large family, or entertain and want their guests to enjoy the kitchen with them. Each detail is noted and designed in a functional way; drawers are reinforced if cast iron cookwear is used (you may not even notice but your drawer will last forever, whatever weight you put in it) and the type of appliances you will use are taken into consideration. Each edge is smooth, each handle a pleasure to touch and each cutlery inset perfectly made to fit. Every awkward space is utilized for easy access and every possibility addressed.

Your completed kitchen may take four weeks to design and perhaps another eight to construct but it will last forever and give years of pleasure. Paul said, “Our aim is happy customers, to achieve this we work closely with them down to every detail. We even construct and paint a door so they can see if their design is the right colour for them. After all, our kitchens are built to last a lifetime and will see happy family events and life coming and going, at the heart of the family home.”

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